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Willie Nelson Gifts Jimmy Fallon Some Weed

At age 86, Willie Nelson is aging like a fine weed. After perhaps Snoop Dogg, no living artist (RIP BOB) is as synonymous with weed as Willie Nelson. With Willie’s Reserve, Nelson not only created one of the first celeb cannabis brands–he created one that actually seems to be thriving in Colorado (a rarity).

Willie recently went on Willie Nelson and gifted Fallon some of his products (not sure if that’s so legal in NY, but things are apparently loosening up). A couple of the notable comments:

  • Nelson credits weed for aging so well. He notes he used to drink a lot but that weed is the way to go. Shocker
  • Nelson notes that he is the “Chief Tester” at his company and that everything he’s smoked has met his standards…which kinda indicates that maybe Willie just likes all weed? Cause while some fo Willie’s Reserve is high grade, some I’ve seen definitely has not been.

Here is Willie getting lit with Fallon:


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