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Weed Weddings

People have been saying their vows, but are not using any ordinary bouquet. They are using bouquets made of marijuana buds.Other people are doing destination weddings in Legal Recreational Marijuana states such as Colorado and California and having weddings involving Mary. Cannabis can be found at every wedding you go to , but as it becomes legal and medical in more and more states, it becomes more and more mainstream as well.

While the wedding industry is worth over $71B, the Cannabis Industry is worth over $10B and the two are finally mixing. Cannabis can be incorporated into weddings in so many different ways as its a very versatile product.From Weddings taking place in different destinations, to infused desserts and even Cannabis bouquets, the cannabis products at these weddings keep coming.

One person getting interviewed said “he didn’t want his friends to sneak off to go and smoke but rather relax at the party and smoke.” This couple didn’t want their friends and family disappearing in grooves to smoke, so they had a relaxed and open policy. “My whole family smokes,” the groom said. Seems like Weddings and Mary mix well, or always did, people are now becoming more open with their use, as well as their guests attending.


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