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Smoking Etiquette

Knowone likes going out to dinner or eating with someone with no etiquette, and the same thing goes for smoking weed. Whether your smoking a fat blunt or taking monster dabs at an open dab buffet, you have to use your manners when partaking in the herbals!

Passing a joint to the left hand side is pretty standard when it comes to smoking a blunt or joint with friends. Although passing to the left in not set in stone, it is the common practice of passing a joint. Like Musical Youth says in their song, “pass the doobie to the left hand side”!

Bogarting a joint is probably the most common and disliked thing that you can do while your smoking with a group of people. There’s nothing worse than the story teller who doesn;t hit the joint and just hold on to it like a microphone when smoking. The smokers etiquette is to take 2 puffs and pass along.

“This should be common sense, but sneaking weed into someone’s food is a thing you should never do. If you’re hosting a party and have prepared some edibles, it’s part of your hosting duties to explain to everyone what’s in them, labeling them if necessary in order to prevent people from taking them without knowing what’s inside.” This is not only a mean thing to do it can land you in serious trouble! (French Toast)

Keep the simple smoking etiquette in mind next time your smoking with a group of people. Also please wipe your dabber off on a paper towel so the next person doesn’t have to deal with the sticky mess leftovers at the end your dab.


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Smoking Etiquette

Please use proper etiquette while smoking!