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Rules issued in Michigan

Michigan has released rules for their new recreational marijuana program and it seems to be a bit strict. Michigan is a place that is known for having trouble regulating marijuana and a problematic medical marijuana program. Although having a troubled past, Michigan law makers have released some new rules on the recreational marijuana program.

Simialr to Colorados 12 plant per house max, Michigan has enacted a 12 plant per househeld max as well. Although not everyone abides by the plant count, 12 plants is more than enough for yourself if you know how to grow marijuana. After passing on the ballots on Dec. 6, Michigan’s Recreational marijuana program is finally underway.

One of Michigan’s newest rules regarding recreational marijuana is a delvery service ale to provide medicine to patients via delivery. This is a very nice rule for Michigan to offer as Colorado doesn’t allow it. Many legitamate patients who have trouble with transportation or physical ailments are going to benefit greatly from this convenient service offered. The only delivery services available in Colorado are black market and are not licensed vendors usually offering their services on Craigslist.

Having existing business’s in mind, Michigan has made it easier and faster to get licensing for existing medical marijuana license holders. Recreational marijuana licenses are going to be expedited for those who already hold onto an existing medical marijuana license. It seems to be the law makers had the patients in mind when developing these new rules for licensing leaving no lag time for existing license holders.

Like Colorado, Michigan has some counties and towns that restrict dispensaries from being in their jurisdiction. Certain towns and counties are not too fond of having licensed marijuana business’s within their limits because of trouble they may bring. Although there are some restrictions on where business’s may be it seems to be that access to the [plant medicine will not be difficult to attain.

All in all they have setup a very fair program that will be extremely beneficial to Michigan’s patients and tax revenue. In fact, with no shortage of cannabis smokers their tax revenue should be really good! It’s going to be very interesting to see how the rules pan out and the community that is shaped from these rules.


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