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NFL Done Suspending Players Who Smoke Weed

Inside Hook: As reported by ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the league will cease to suspend players for any marijuana violations.

The end of suspensions for marijuana also comes with raising the threshold for a negative drug test, from 35 nanograms of THC to 150. The NFL will also not test after the first two weeks of training camp. Graziano reports that this is part of a shift on how the league tackles its drug policy.

Additionally, the NFLPA’s memo about the deal says that “violations of law for marijuana possession generally will not result in suspension.”

About damn time. It’s too late for some fallen soldiers (more on them later), but this opens up a lot of cool possibilities–like a cannabis Super Bowl ad finally happening next year. Some other takeaways

1): Whoa. Players can smoke all season long, literally. if you can take a one-month tolerance break and make it through the start of training camp without coming up hot for THC…you’re good to go.

2): Sound the alarms for…Martavis Bryant/ Bryant leads a motley crew of “cannabis crusaders” who would’ve had much longer careers if not for…the weed. Bryant applied for reinstatement in July & so why not take a chance on the “White Tiger”? One of the best for a two year period…And then perhaps a 7th Josh Gordon comeback becomes realistic. And then maybe…30-year-old Justin Blackmon gets back?

4: A cannabis commercial in the Super Bowl/on Sundays? Roger likes that paper. If these companies have any money to spend, watch out. That’s a big “if” though. A commercial for a hash company or Mothership is all too exciting.

Yeah, this happened like 4 years too late. As soon as CO went legal, the NFL and other leagues should’ve done this. But at least it’s here and it’s going to be awesome. NFL locker rooms about to be sponsored by Volcano & Dutch Masters..


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