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Nevada Dispensaries Shut Down, Now Delivery Only

Reno Gazette Journal: All recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries must close their storefronts per the emergency declaration issued by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Friday. Dispensaries will be required to shut down all public store fronts by midnight Friday despite the surge in purchases.

Legal cannabis sales will continue but will be available by delivery only. Nationwide, marijuana sales are up about 30 percent, according to BDS analytics CEO Roy Bingham.

CoronaVirus is the new 4/20 basically–both taking the holiday away and replacing its sales influx. Weed sales are going bonkers as people anticipate bigger shut downs if the spread doesn’t improve. Nevada has become the first state with legal/medical weed to officially bar people from entering dispensaries.

Nevada will still allow for delivery, and that’s going to be a logistic nightmare for dispensaries without the technology integrated. Perhaps Postmates can simply add weed as an option? Most states are calling cannabis essential and letting them stay open to customers–for now.

It’s pretty irresponsible for states to allow tons of people to roam through dispensaries spreading an invisible virus. Nevada is ahead of the curb and I imagine most states moving towards pickup/delivery open by force or choice.

Not coincidentally, this is always the time of year that weed sales start to pickup. Thanksgiving to mid-March is typically the down time for the industry.

The good news for the industry–and even better news for the black market: Prices are going up soon. Way up.


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