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MLB No Longer Testing Minor Leaguers for THC

America’s favorite past pastime has set the bar high with its new THC policy. That policy is to let the sticky slide.

MLB–which hasn’t been testing major leaguers for some time–will no longer test its minor league players for marijuana. Instead, in the wake of the Tyler Skaggs tragedy, the league will prioritize opioid testing.

Given the fact that most minor leaguers never make it to the big leagues, the league is doing them a serious service by letting them medicate with marijuana instead of life-shattering pills.

Shaikin’s report noted 13 minor leaguers were suspended for marijuana in 2019, while 80 percent of positive “drugs of abuse” tests were for the drug. [Bleacher Report]

While no secret that the NBA turns a general blind eye to weed, players in that league and the NFL are somehow tested and suspended if caught with THC in their systems. These league–and FIFA–need to follow suit and follow suit fast.

Cannabis is coming to sports and not just locker rooms and it’s coming soon.

So now the question becomes: when is the MLB going to accept cannabis business ad dollars? A Weedmaps or 710 Labs billboard at Dodgers Stadium would look completely and absolutely…normal.


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MLB No Longer Testing Minor Leaguers for THC

MLB is loosening up on its THC policy.

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