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Mike Tyson Credits DMT & Marijuana for Taming His Wild Lifestyle

Iron Mike Tyson accredits marijuana for saving his life, amongst other things that have helped. Being a hothead was an understatement for young Mike Tyson. Mike’s conflict resolution was to get violent and physical, but plant medicine has turned Mike into a a peaceful champ. The constant in his life that has kept him calm and changed his life is marijuana. Mike’s passion for cannabis has him building a 40 acre Cannabis resort in California called ‘Tyson Holistic’. The resort houses Mike’s dispensary for tourists to come and enjoy the magical herbs curated by a team of experienced cannabis gurus.

Better yet, Tyson says the spirit molecule DMT via smoking a toad opened his eyes. Having tried the most powerful psychedelic in the world has truly changed Mike’s life for the better. Mike described the feeling of dying when describing his DMT trip that dissolved his ego into dust. Although marijuana keeps Mike calm, its in fact the DMT that took away his aggression and need to get physical with people.

Mike smoked 5MEO-DMT which is excreted by the Colorado rover toad from out of zits that cover their bodies. This powerful excretion is than smoked for spiritual and outer body experiences. Many people claim to have the same response that Tyson did losing a sense of who they are, an ego death as it is described in the psychedelic community. The amazing thing about 5MEO-DMT is that the hallucinogenic properties can last up to 20 min. Although the powerful buzz is short lived, the long term positivity from it’s use can make the individual feel enlightened for up to 6 months after use. One of Mother Nature’s natural psychedelic’s provide relief from those suffering from depression and anxiety.


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