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Marijuana and Anxiety

Marijuana is known for it’s therapeutic properties but is it really a miracle when it comes to anxiety? Will marijuana use officially stop anxiety and depression? These are valid questions when it comes to marijuana and mental wellness.

Although every individual’s response to marijuana is different, we all share an underlying commonality with weed, and that’s the fact that it does ease both anxiety and depression. For the everyday smokers especially, daily use is indeed beneficial is battling anxiety and stress. For the occasional smoker, it could be detrimental to there anxiety. It really depends on the individual.

“One of the driving forces of US cannabis legalization is the hope among military veterans that cannabis may relieve PTSD. “PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder have a lot in common,” Tishler said, and based on his practice he believes cannabis can be an effective treatment for PTSD. However, there is an added concern that veterans, in his experience, seem more likely to become heavy cannabis users very quickly, in part because they’re relying more on advice from their peers than their doctors.” (The Guardian)

Having plenty of experience as a daily smoker I concur that it does help both depression and anxiety. Smoking every couple of hours seems to keep me on an even keel, keeping my mind in a positive outlook throughout the day. There’s no doubt that a joint a day keeps the doctor at bay!

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