Home Business Leafly Lays Off 91 Employees

Leafly Lays Off 91 Employees

You know what a one week severance pay feels like? It feels like five fingers to the face:

That news is confirmed by Geekwire. But the real news here is how big of a cheap, douche move that is by Leafly’s executives. A company worth at least a quarter billion gave employees–91 employees–a meager one week severance.

I’ve never gotten anything less than two weeks and perhaps four. That is assault.

Leafly now has 140 employees which is less than half of its 300 pawns they had a year ago. Is the company done? Not quite. But its ability to make money and stay afloat compared to a Weedmaps clearly comes into question.

From the questionable-at-best recent rebrand to its iffy strain information, Leafly has clearly taken a turn for the worst. The funny thing is they had something good–then someone decided “let’s take weed photos off a site that’s bread and butter is strain info”.

That worked out well.


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Leafly Lays Off 91 Employees

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