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Illinois Dispensaries are Running Out of Weed, Getting Robbed & Causing Emergency Room Visits

Legal weed is off to a raucous start in Illinois. Whatever could wrong with a legal rollout has essentially gone wrong. Here are the three major points that are facepalm worthy:

1) There’s not enough weed to keep some stores open: Despite having a year to grow & prepare for the legal rush, SIX dispensaries have had to close cause they ran out of product. When a new state goes legal, massive lines are normal as are high prices. But running out of weed? That didn’t happen in Colorado. And it’s not like Illinois hasn’t had medical bud for years.

Per the Chicago Tribune, ““It’s very stressful,” said Gorgi Naumovski, principal officer at Thrive dispensaries in Anna and Harrisburg, which both ran out of recreational products Friday and expect to start selling again Thursday. NuMed Chicago started selling recreational weed again Tuesday after running out last week. But its East Peoria and Urbana locations ran out of recreational product on Wednesday.”

That is feeble. More licenses are coming, but it’s pretty baffling that dispensaries can run out of weed. Do liquor stores ever run out of booze?

2) Robbers are already hitting dispensaries: MOCA Modern Cannabis–which has been open for four years–got hit for cash and bud. The robbers used a key card to unlock a door into the dispensary. If you’re a dispensary in Chicago, you might want double lock, triple lock and you know, take security measures a little more seriously now that weed is legal. You are a dispensary in the murder capital of America. That said, dispensaries in Denver get clipped on a regular basis. Welcome to the Thunderdome.

3) Emergency Room Visits Cause of Weed are Up:

In just the past nine days the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center has treated several patients experiencing cannabis-related illnesses.

“I worked several shifts since the new year has started and I’m seeing a cannabis-related incident just about every shift that I have worked so far,” Thompson said.

“In some cases we are seeing full on psychosis, agitation, hallucinations,” Thompson said. [ABC Chicago]

They smoking PCP or weed? Yes, people who haven’t gotten weed are getting it and getting too lit. But this sounds a bit like Reefer Madness here. If you go to the hospital for weed, you got some deep-rooted problems that go beyond weed.

So to conclude, legal weed in Illinois is an utter shit show. Which is to say it mirrors the state of the nationwide industry: businesses (esp in new market( are run poorly by clueless people, money isn’t flowing in–and that means less company’s can flood markets/grow enough bud.

Strap in. 2020 is going to be a wild year in Illinois and beyond


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