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Don Nelson is Growing Weed in Hawaii, Living the Dream

Don Nelson is looking a lot like Donny Quixote these days. The legendary 79-year-old NBA coach of lore, Don has transformed to Donny in his retirement. His retirement is basically what every man envisions: living in Maui, growing weed and playing poker/watching sports while smoking bowls in your man cave with your buds.

Nelson’s strain? It’s called “Nelly Kush” because of course. HBO featured Nelson on Real Sports, and while the weed stuff was neat, the craziest story was about his poker game.

One of the guys in his game died during the game–and Donny and his friends decided to keep playing poker until the coroner showed up because that’s what their friend would want.

Would it surprise you that Willie Nelson is also one of Donny’s closest friends?

Bill Walton has some competition, and it’s in the form of Nelly Kush. It’s like Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong had a baby, and it’s Donny Nelson in retirement.


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