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Would You Buy Weed From…JAY Z?!

One of the greatest rappers of our time is entering the weed game, legally, of course. Jay has...

Weed Weddings

People have been saying their vows, but are not using any ordinary bouquet. They are using bouquets made of marijuana buds.Other people...

Rules issued in Michigan

Michigans new Recreational marijuana rules are very interesting!

Willie Nelson Gifts Jimmy Fallon Some Weed

Willie Nelson says weed is the secret to aging like a fine wine.

Cali Vapes Must Include Universal Cannabis Symbol

Great news for Cali companies that actually comply with the law: fakes will have to take it a step further to duplicate...

CBD Oreos are Coming to Town?

CBD-infused snacks could soon join the product line that includes Chips Ahoy cookies, Cadbury chocolate, and Nutter Butter cookies.