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Who is Posting Hot Chicks to Tommy Chong’s Instagram?

What 7th grader kidnapped Tommy Chong, stole his Instagram login, and has been posting hot chicks with weed for the last year?...

Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Funded By…Saudi Arabians?

What if you sold people on a dream. A dream of fake-titted Instagram models in white bikinis with a bull’s horns on...

Berner Trimming Weed is Must Watch (IG)TV

Yo Big Bern...Stick to the Gram. We know you know how to get the fuego. We don’t need to see you trim...

CBD Oreos are Coming to Town?

CBD-infused snacks could soon join the product line that includes Chips Ahoy cookies, Cadbury chocolate, and Nutter Butter cookies.