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Mike Tyson Smokes $40,000 Worth of Weed a Month Which is About 20 Pounds

By now, it's no secret that Mike Tyson likes THE WEED. Iron Lung Mike doesn't have a face tattoo but he does...

Willie Nelson Gifts Jimmy Fallon Some Weed

Willie Nelson says weed is the secret to aging like a fine wine.

Canda’s Biggest Marijuana Company’s CEO, Bruce Hinton of Canopy, Gets Canned

Canopy Growth's now former CEO Bruce Linton took the hit for the company's mounting losses.

Woody Harrelson Appears to Be Smoking Weed Again (in Amsterdam)

It looks like Woody Harrelson's smoke break has come to a halt. On a European vacation in Amsterdam, Woody visited the famed...

Don Nelson is Growing Weed in Hawaii, Living the Dream

Former NBA Coach Don Nelson has ditched the court for the grass.

Cali Vapes Must Include Universal Cannabis Symbol

Great news for Cali companies that actually comply with the law: fakes will have to take it a step further to duplicate...

Who is Posting Hot Chicks to Tommy Chong’s Instagram?

What 7th grader kidnapped Tommy Chong, stole his Instagram login, and has been posting hot chicks with weed for the last year?...

Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Funded By…Saudi Arabians?

What if you sold people on a dream. A dream of fake-titted Instagram models in white bikinis with a bull’s horns on...